Top 3 Favourite Vegan Bodybuilders 


  1. Jon Venus

Jon Venus is by far my number one favourite vegan athletes. My mum recommended watching his YouTube channel before I went vegan. It’s fair to say he had a huge impact on my decision to turn to a plant based diet. He is a social media icon, YouTube Star and online coach that promotes not only a vegan lifestyle but a healthy one too. He is all about feeding the body the right nutrients and being active. You can visit his website here.


2. Nimai Delgato

An IFBB Men’s Physique pro that was raised as a vegetarian but recently made the switch over to veganism. He certainly has a great physique and proves that you don’t have to be eating meat to make your muscles grow I’m excited to see more from this guy in the future and see how he stacks up against the other IFBB pros.


3. Jim Morris

Jim Morris entered his first bodybuilding competition in 1966 where he won the Mr New York City title aged 31. He won several other titles throughout his bodybuilding career including 1973 Mr America, the 1977 London Mr Universe Tall class as well as the over 60’s Mr Olympia Masters in 1996. He turned to vegetarianism in 1985 and later transitioned into becoming a vegan in 2000. He made the change primarily for health reasons stating that his traditional bodybuilding diet consisting of a lot of animal proteins could have detrimental consequences to his health. Sadly, Jim passed away in 2016 aged 80 but he will never be forgotten.









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