Vegan Bodybuilding YouTube Channels

So if you are here and reading this chances are you are doing some research into vegan bodybuilding or vegan fitness. You may or not may already be vegan – hell you may not be vegan but follow a plant based diet (that’s right veganism and a plant based diet aren’t exactly the same thing!). But look there are plenty of great resources out there and YouTube is one of those resources. I’ve devised a list of some of my favourite vegan YouTube channels.

  1. Jon Venus – Jon’s channel is great! If you need vegan meal ideas that are bodybuilder friendly and excellent training advice this is the channel for you. Also he has lots of great lifestyle vlogs for your viewing pleasure. Jon is definitely one of the most well known and respected figures in the vegan fitness community.
  2. Vegan Gains –  If you want to learn about the benefits and advantages of living a vegan lifestyle over a traditional omnivorous diet than check this guy out! He puts tonnes of effort into researching for his videos and he isn’t shy at calling people out on their BS! Warning – he does use a lot of explicit language so be warned!
  3. Vegan Physique – Struggling with your meal prep? Now on cash? No problems Vegan Physique has you covered. His channel is full of awesome budget friendly vegan meal ideas and full day of eating videos.
  4. Mr Dlucks (My Channel) – Now I’m still quite new to YouTube but that doesn’t mean I can’t create great content! My channel is an informational and entertaining channel where I share my knowledge and views on veganism, health, fitness and bodybuilding. I have tonnes of meal ideas and recipes as well as what I eat and lifestyle videos. If you haven’t already I suggest you subscribe now!

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