As a vegan bodybuilding I find that I fart a lot! But I don’t want to have to deal with it and neither should you! In this video I discuss some tips I’ve discovered to help reduce gas and flatulence!

Tip #1 – CHEW YOUR FOOD! Yes that’s right chewing your food and eating slower can help reduce gas because your digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard to break down large chunks of food!

Tip #2 – Ginger Tea – boiling some fresh ginger and making a tea to drink after eating can help reduce gas and flatulence.

Tip #3 – Chew mint/peppermint leaves – I haven’t tried this one but I’ve heard chewing mint leaves after eating can help reduce stomach gas which leads to excess farting.

Tip #4 – Cardamom – Adding a sprinkle of cardamom to your food (on rice is really nice!) can help with digestion which aids in the reduction of gas.

Tip #5 – Lemon and Bicarbonate soda – making a drink of fresh lemon juice with some bicarb soda pre or post eating can help with digestion of food.

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