Bodybuilding Vegan Meal Prep | 170g Protein per day (Video)

Prepping 3 days worth of meals. 5 meals per day totaling 170g protein, 81g Fats, 317g Carbs and 2842 Calories.

Meal One:
50g Quick Oats
60g Flaxseed Meal
x1 Banana

Meal Two:
150g Hard Tofu
165g Mixed Vegetables

Meal Three:
150g Hard Tofu
100g baby Spinach
x1 Small Avocado
15g Tahini

Meal Four:
240g Kidney/Black Beans
250g Brown Rice

Meal Five:
240g Kidney/Black Beans
200g Brown Rice
165g Mix Vegetables


7 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Vegan Meal Prep | 170g Protein per day (Video)

    1. It can be either 🙂 for me it’s close to maintenace/cutting – bulking and my carbs will increase to about 60ish


  1. You have no idea how helpful this information is! More and more people are starting to become vegans and tips and methods to bodybuilding like these go such a long way in breaking stereotypes (i.e. you can’t be buff and a vegan).

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    1. I’m glad you found this useful! The typical vegan stereotype is starting to change as more and more people/athletes turn to veganism because people are starting to realise the benefits of what veganism can do for us!


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