Meat Head 2 Vegan author is Andres “Mr Dlucks” Cordero, I am a 28 year old bodybuilder from the sunny Gold Coast on Queensland’s east coast of Australia.
I’m a fully qualified Industrial 3D Designer and currently work as a Business Systems Developer for one of Australia’s largest windows & door manufacturers.

I decided to turn vegan at the beginning of 2017 purely for an experiment, however after making the diet change I’ve since done more and more research into veganism and learned a lot more about the health benefits and ethical side of it. This has opened up my mind and changed my perception, veganism is no longer just a trial diet it has become a way of life.

I’ve been a competitive bodybuilder since 2014. I’ve competed in QLD’s INBA in 2014 & 2015. Placing Third in my first show in the novice category and fifth in my second show after moving up to the under 72kg division. I’ve been lifting weights since I was 22 and extremely conscious of my diet since then. Prior to that I was overweight, a heavy drinker living the ‘party lifestyle’ and also battled with depression and other mental health issues. Lifting weights and fitness saved my life, without it I don’t know where I would be but I can you it wouldn’t be as good of a place as I am in today! Since making the switch to a plant based diet and vegan lifestyle my sense of well-being, consciousness for health and desire to help others has greatly improved!

I feel like it is my mission to help others who are wanting to make the change or who have already made the change but are seeking help or guidance. I hope to touch many lives with my website, social media and YouTube videos. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you find my page informative!

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